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Switch ACDC is a rapidly growing company based in Lusaka, Zambia who are shaping the future of the African energy market. Switch prides itself on democratising power by empowering people to generate their own energy rather than using the unreliable national grid. By installing one of Switch's custom-made solar power systems, suitable for both homes and businesses, customers are able to avoid load-shedding and receive free renewable electricity from the sun.


We worked with Switch on a large range of projects and helped them to first define and then establish their brand identity. Approaching this project in a holistic way, we first created a modern and friendly logo. The green and yellow hues were used as Switch's main colour scheme as these are associated with renewable energy, sunlight, the environment, cleanliness, transparency and honesty. The man-made element of the product is represented with the grey, industrial tones which also convey durability and reliability.

We implemented Switch's identity across all platforms and channels of the business ranging from business cards to the social media pages however we didn't just stop there! We conduct ongoing research and data analysis, including tracking the most searched for solar-related words online and highlighting the ones that will offer the best return on investment for future marketing campaigns and improve their rankings on social media and search engines.

We strongly believe on improving and evolving our strategies to reflect the forever-changing digital marketing landscape so we keep Switch up-to-date with personalised monthly marketing reports which continuously track and optimise Switch's campaigns and ensure that they are constantly improving and becoming more engaging to their target market.

Our aim is to direct all potential customers to Switch ACDC. This means we must have a leading presence in all the places and spaces where people might buy. For example, potential customers would likely see Switch ACDC at the top of Google rankings, as they browse Facebook on their phone and during their weekly groceries shop at their local shopping mall. Increasing the number of touch points of the Switch ACDC brand will increase the likelihood of a sale.

One of our main tasks was to design a website around Switch's customers needs and wants. Our aim has been to efficiently provide the information, products and services required to show users that this is the right company to switch to solar power with. Drawing people in with bright and vibrant visuals, telling them about Switch's services and products then showing how Switch is the right choice for them.


We wanted to give you a little bit of insight into the tailored, digital marketing services that we provided to Switch ACDC. We feel the most important thing to do is have a service that is creative, useful and relevant moving forward.

This is just the beginning. Solar ACDC’s Facebook page grew to over a thousand followers in under a week and we continue to supply them with ongoing services. Our objective is to help them become one of the top energy companies in Zambia!

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